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Delicious Alchemy Gluten-Free Products

From cake and bread mixes to a whole range of breakfast options, Delicious Alchemy creates natural, tasty and convenient gluten-free food.

Having met some of the Delicious Alchemy team at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show and read about the founder’s battle with coeliac disease, I was keen to try out their products and was delighted to receive this gorgeous box of goodies. Although the gluten-free market is rapidly growing, I still struggle to find products that have the same taste and consistency as the gluten alternative so was really excited to see if Delicious Alchemy could change this.


I’m a sucker for nice packaging and was really impressed with the vibrant and eye-catching Delicious Alchemy designs. It definitely makes a change from other health-food products which are often bland and lacking in personality.

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I first tried out the vanilla sponge mix. From the wide-range of recipes on the Delicious Alchemy website, it’s clear that you don’t need to stick to the recommended recipe on the packet. You can turn the mix into whatever kind of cake, cupcake or whatever else you fancy. I decided to make carrot cake cupcakes with an orange frosting by simply adding a few ingredients to the vanilla sponge mixture (recipe here). The ready prepared packet made the process so quick and easy and the finished piece tasted delicious. The friends I sampled the cupcakes on couldn’t even tell that they were gluten-free.

Delicious Alchemy Rice Flake Porridge

I was a little apprehensive about trying the rice flake porridge as I’ve only ever had oat-based porridge. I mixed the porridge with almond milk, banana and blueberries and topped with peanut butter and was pleasantly surprised. The porridge was full of texture and flavour and was really filling and delicious.

Oreo Brownies

I used the chocolate brownie mix to make oreo brownies for a charity bake sale and they went down an absolute treat! The brownies were so easy to make with a simple recipe to follow on the packet. They turned out to be gooey, intensely chocolatey and just as good as any shop-bought brownie. I was really impressed with this product and will certainly be keeping a packet of brownie mix in my kitchen for a rainy day or a last-minute emergency dessert.

I’m yet to try the brown bread mix but will keep you posted on my Instagram page when I do.

As a fairly new brand with a genuine story behind it, fun packaging and reasonable pricing, Delicious Alchemy is definitely worth a try!


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