Review: Tea Pigs

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Being intolerant to caffeine can be difficult: Mondays are made to feel longer and hangovers a lot less bearable.

It’s not just coffee that has to be avoided but most varieties of tea as well. Having got through university with a helping hand from coffee and daily health boosts from green tea, giving up caffeine was far from easy. With few other options, I now stick to peppermint tea – great for digestion but inevitably getting boring.

This is why I was delighted to come across Tea Pigs and excitedly purchased the pick n’ mix sample pack which, for a reasonable £15, is made up of 24 tea temples in 12 different flavours.



Tea Pigs claim that their innovative tea temples are one of the greatest inventions before and since sliced bread and they may just be right (well – kind of). These biodegradable mesh bags offer the convenience of a teabag but with all the flavour of whole leaf tea.


Flavours include unusual options, such as chilli chai, popcorn and rooibos crème caramel, as well as an original take on more common choices, such as peppermint and everyday brew. With a whole website section designated to caffeine-free tea, fodmappers are spoilt for choice. My favourite flavours include liquorice and mint, super fruit and lemon and ginger. I did, however, find a couple of flavours slightly bland (chocolate and mint, rooibos crème caramel).


Tea Pigs pride themselves on the quality of their tea. They use whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers which they say have been ‘handled with love’ to preserve a full flavour and a strong aroma.


Tea Pigs also have a ‘super power’ matcha range. Although unsuitable for those intolerant to caffeine, the range is packed with health benefits.


From their fun branding, ethical and original packaging and great range of flavours, Tea Pigs are an absolute must for all tea-lovers.


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