Review: Good Food Eat Well Show

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BBC Good Food Eat Well

Imagine a room full of food.

Most of it gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and even FODMAP free.


All of it healthy.

image1 copeyd

Mostly new and interesting products sold by friendly and passionate foodies.


People who actually understand your strange health food terminologies.


The chance to meet your favourite food bloggers, see them demonstrate their cooking abilities and reveal the secrets to their blogging success in interview.

Hemsley Sisters

The opportunity to speak to a dietician free of charge.

image2 copyedit

An abundance of free tasters. You won’t be going hungry.


The BBC Good Food Eat Well Show is every health food bloggers’ paradise.


I definitely didn’t go home empty handed.


The Author

Low FODMAP│IBS│Low Lactose│Low Gluten│Low Fructose


  1. This looks amazing. Are you going to the Allergy & Freefrom show in July? I’m hoping it might be a lot like this!


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