Review: The Living Food Kitchen

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The Living Food Kitchen is a UK manufacturer of vegan food. Although not entirely FODMAP-free, the products are gluten-free, dairy-free and soya-free – so a pretty good start! The ingredients are raw, natural and full of nutrition, so I decided to try them out.

Their selection includes desserts, almond milk-based shakes, dips and raw granola bites.

With same day dispatching of orders, you don’t have to wait long for your food (always a bonus). The delivery arrives in perfect condition kept fresh with a chill pack which I have actually kept and plan to reuse (another bonus – does it get much better than this!?).


Firstly, hemp seed pesto. Dairy-free pesto is pretty rare so this was a really good find. It was delicious and went perfectly with my courgetti (see recipe here).


Secondly, raw hummus. Packed full of delicious flavours, including turmeric and coriander which give it a real kick and make it different from regular shop-bought hummus. Plus, it tastes so natural and healthy.


I chose two varieties of the raw granola bites: banana and blueberry and cacao and vanilla. They last a while and really do make the perfect snack. Although both were great, I preferred the banana and blueberry flavour mainly because of the soft chewy banana bits. (Note: the granola bites contain date paste so aren’t suitable for fodmappers who are intolerant to dates).


I couldn’t resist the raw desserts and went for the chocolate mousse. Made of almond milk, dates (not suitable for fodmappers), Irish moss seaweed, coconut oil and cacao powder, this is undoubtedly a guilt-free chocolate mousse. It was rich and creamy, however, I wasn’t sold on the flavour. With quite a distinct, bitter taste, it didn’t satisfy my sweet tooth. Don’t let me put you off though – I just prefer the unhealthy kind of chocolate!

So next time you do your weekly food shop, give The Living Food Kitchen a go! Your body will thank you for it.


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