Review: Ethos

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Ethos is a vegetarian restaurant with a difference.

A small stroll away from Oxford Circus, you’ll find this modern, spacious restaurant where you’ll be greeted politely at the door, sat at a white marble table amongst the floor-to-ceiling silver birch trees and told of the unique concept that this restaurant has to offer.

Ethos is a pay-by-weight buffet restaurant (and that’s the weight of the plate, not the person). Don’t let the word buffet put you off. This is by no means the kind of buffet where food has been left out for hours and dishes are bland and merely chosen because of their ability to be made cheaply in bulk. Ethos is quite the opposite. With three separate counters (starters and salads, main dishes and desserts), there’s a huge array of beautifully presented, brightly coloured and internationally inspired food.



Naturally, I ended up trying a little bit of almost everything. My favourites included ‘antioxidant dream salad’ (with berries, spinach, avocado, pine nuts and mango vinegrette), beetroot risotto, miso roasted aubergine and halloumi bites.



Once you start eating, it really doesn’t matter that you’re mixing Asian slaw with Indian spiced potato Scotch egg (their signature dish). It all tastes amazing.


image3editThe feeling you get as you head to the till to weigh your plate in anticipation of the damage is strangely exciting. Luckily, my piled high plate came to a very reasonable £12.



So grab a plate and dig in! It’s quick, easy, filling and affordable with plenty of options to cater for all dietary requirements – there really are no complaints here.


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    • Thanks! I agree restaurant are often tricky! I didn’t ask but the staff were so friendly I’m sure they would happily talk you through the ingredients 🙂


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