The Foods of 2014

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2014 was a crazy year. We saw the outbreak of Ebola, the rise of the Islamic State, the descent of Miley Cyrus and far too much of Kim Kardashian. In the world of food, the year brought about many trends: some I can’t believe I lived without and others I can’t wait to be forgotten.


1. Juice

Juices have taken the world by storm, in particular the infamous ‘green juice’. Juice bars are popping up all over the place, the “juice diet” is the new Atkins and the Nutribullet has become the latest must-have product. You know things are getting serious when “juicing” becomes a commonly used verb.


2. Coconuts

In 2014, the world went nuts for coconuts. Coconut water is undoubtedly the new ‘it’ thing. While I don’t personally see what the fuss is about, it’s been said to represent a whole lifestyle – like yoga in a bottle (or something). Coconut oil has also seen a huge increase in popularity and is now prominent in both recipes and beauty products.


3. Burgers

After suffering for years with a ‘junk food’ reputation, the burger has been revamped. There are few things us Brits love more than affordable comfort food and copying the US, so it was no surprise when a whole load of ‘gourmet’ burger restaurants shot up all over London. The expansion of chains like GBK, Byron, Five Guys and Shake Shack was welcomed with open arms.


4. Kale

The world is in the midst of a kale craze. Kale has crept its way into juices, salads, jumpers, beauty products and pretty much everything else. Even Beyoncé has been won over. It has become king of the superfoods with the 1st October being named National Kale Day – too far?

DSC_0237 2edit

5. Quinoa

So maybe I was a little behind on this one, but last year I had never heard of quinoa. Although it’s taken pretty much all year for me to learn how to pronounce it, I now see it everywhere: in salads, breakfasts, energy bars and as a rice substitute. (For those of you that still haven’t got to grips with its pronunciation, it’s ‘keen-wah’).

New-PROPERCORN-Packaging6. Popcorn

What used to be a snack for the cinema has now become a healthy alternative to crisps or chocolate. Forget sweet or salty, popcorn has gone gourmet. From Worcester sauce and sun-dried tomato  to goats cheese and black pepper, we are now spoilt for choice.


7. Gluten-Free

Going gluten-free has become somewhat fashionable. Since 2012, there has been an increase of 63% on gluten-free products. Supermarkets now devote whole aisles to gluten-free products and restaurants provide separate gluten-free menus. Like most fad diets, this craze is likely to pass. Perhaps FODMAPs could be the next trend?

What an amazing year! I’m so grateful for all the blog support since launching in October and can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Happy new year to you all!


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